Another Great Day of Motor Racing for RW930

10 04 2011

Sunday 3rd April 2011 saw me at Pukekohe for the TACCOC Classic Racing one day meeting.

Good old RW930 was running pretty well, although I still have an intermittent misfire somewhere… and it cuts out when hot, after a race, and won’t re-start for 10 to 20 minutes..!!

We managed to qualify on pole, but in the race I was pleasantly surprized to see Derek Atkinson in his Morgan Plus 8 leap from around 6th on the grid, right onto my back bumper, and he stayed there for 6 laps!!  We both got into the 1m.05s.  On the penultimate lap Derek passed me at braking on the outside heading into the back straight hairpin, but overshot the hairpin just a tad, and half spun to give me a clear run to the flag. So we notched up win number 154.

The next two races were handicaps, so I started behind Derek and chased him hard for 3 laps, both again into the 1m.05s but as i exited the hairpin I got too much wheelspin in my eagerness to try to pass Derek, and the fanbelt melted and spun it self off the pulley. So I had to head to the pits for a DNF. Sadly it is a 2 to 3 hour job to change a fanbelt on this engine when it is HOT… so I didn’t get the job done in time for the last race, so I was a DNS (did not start…)   boohoo.

Andy Turpin in his mighty (and fabulous sounding) Jaguar XJ12 won the 2nd race, ahead of Roy Bingley and Derek Atkinson.  Newcomer Roy Bingley in a Holden Commodore won the last race from Richard Oxton (yes, David’s son) and 3rd was Ken Williams (my brother) in his Mercedes 280 Coupe.

I took the old Porsche apart and modified the fan belt area, so now we can change the belt in approx 20 minutes…. much better for next time.    :o)



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