Another Win for the Ivory 930 Turbo

9 05 2011

Well, we have had a ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ couple of weeks lately.

Tuesday 5th April saw us out to Pukekohe for the Mercy Hospice ‘Race 4 Life’ day where once again, we took lots of less fortunate people for some Hot Laps around the track.  I was lucky to be allowed to drive Tim James’ Porsche Boxster for the day, and we certainly put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. These days are so rewarding because you know that some of them won’t be around for next year’s event, but they are so happy to be entertained on the day and put a ‘tick’ against the dream of a Hot Lap in a race car before they pass on.

On the Weekend of 15th to 17th April saw me helping Guy Stewart to race my old Porsche GT2 (the ex-leopard spotted car) around the streets of the Hamilton Street Race Circuit. Guy hadn’t been to the circuit before and hadn’t raced the car in the wet… so I was able to advise him of the best setup for the conditions and he had a really good and safe weekend, surviving with only a slight mechanical hiccup to fix… a lot better off than some of the competitors who had lots of damage to repair.

The following weekend was the final races of the Porsche Bridgestone Race Series, over Easter, at Taupo.  Once again I was helping the Dempsey Wood team to prepare and race the two 911 Porsches. Conal Dempsey in his twin turbo class A+ car, and Jeff Lowrey in his 964  class A car.  Conal came to this meeting leading the Championship by a slender 25 points.  Both Conal and his closest rival, Ian Hayr in his GT3 cup spec. car qualified within a split second of each other for the front row of the grid.  Conal won the start but Ian was charging very hard and sadly made heavy contact into the side of Conal’s car before the first lap was complete. The resulting damage to Conal’s car put him out of the race and the championship was virtually handed to Ian from that point.  In the  Sunday races Conal set a new lap record and easily beat Ian’s GT3 in both the races, but all that Ian had to do was follow Conal home to take the Championship Title.  A sad end to an otherwise very close and exciting battle all season.   In the other classes the racing was mostly clean and trouble free.  Brent Greer completed his very impressive season, winning his class and taking the Overall Bridgestone Club Champion Title.

May 1st saw me once again racing my old favourite Ivory Beast at Hampton Downs in the TACCOC Classic Race Meeting.  I had some great scraps with Derek Atkinson’s Morgan Plus 8, and John Honore’s Ferrari 308.  I managed to win the first scratch race (win  number 155) but stuggled in both the handicap races, finishing 2nd and 3rd in those. The results were good but the car still had it’s intermittent misfire…  so we changed the proximity sensor and checked it out, ready for the next weekend’s final round of the Arrow Series also at Hampton Downs.

7th May The Arrows Series were sharing the Hampton Downs Race Track with the NZ Rally. We raced until 11am then the Rally cars ran until 1pm, then we raced until 4pm then the Rally cars finished off after that.  The car was running beautifully in qualifying to get pole position, just a little faster than Bruce Manon’s Escort and Grant Kern’s MGBV8 (very fast) but the engine died as I pulled back in to the pits… (the same old cutting out when hot, trick…)  we cooled the proximity sensor with cold water and it started again, but it cut out and would not allow me to take my pole position for the 1st race… so that was a DNS (did not start)  We managed to refit the old faulty proximity sensor before the second race and I was able to start at the rear of the field in the handicap, along side Bruce Manon. I won the drag to the first corner, the car ran sweet as I cut through the field and had the first placed car, the Porsche of Kerry Chatterton in my sites on the last lap but suddenly the engine lost power. A small O2 sensor plug had popped out of one of the heads causing loss of power and making a terrible noise. Sadly I couldn’t make it to the finish line so it was back on the trailer for a DNF (did not finish)  Not the best way to end my day’s racing but, as they say “That is Motor Racing”   We will have to fix the head and replace the proximity sensor with a more reliable type, then…  “We’ll be back…”

The one consolation for the day was that we did set the fastest lap time of the meeting, 1.14.3



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