Late Update…..

7 02 2012

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this… We just get busier and busier, don’t we???

The 4 hour race at Taupo was AMAZING !!!  We qualified 2nd (on a damp track) behind the every impressive Dodson’s Skyline. But as the race start approached the weather took a nasty, wet turn… Most the front runners started on ‘super sticky’ wet weather tyres, but we (team decision…) decided to run on a set of Bridgestone Road Tyres.  My turn to start the race again, as Conal was happy to do the finish. Well…. as I slide and scrambled for traction I slowly lost more and more positions…  The Skyline disappeared into the distance, then both the Mitsubishi’s got past, then a Corolla !!  I was yelling into the radio that I wanted to come in and change tyres to try to be competitive, but the answer was “No,No, Stay out there… the rain is going to stop..!! ”  and “You are still ahead of the Mike Eady BMW !”  So I stayed out but couldn’t get any heat into the tyres, so I was really having trouble just staying on the track…. Luckily the rain did stop after nearly an hour, so suddenly I was able to heat up the tyres, and start to attack the gap to the cars in front.

By the time I had used up the tank of fuel we were back in 2nd position and looking quite good. Conal took over and drove magnificently to keep the pressure on the other competitors. Suddenly the Skyline stopped and we were winning!! BUT the heavens opened up again and soaked the track.. I was worried that Conal was pushing on too hard but he was having a ball….  Once the tyres had got up to operating temperature they were OK in the wet too, but take my hat off to Conal’s driving.. he was fantastic…  I was telling him (on the radio) to stay behind one of the Mitsubishi’s to stay in the dry line and stay on the track… but he passed it and drove away from it !!!!  I said to him “What are you doing!!’ His reply… “He’s going too slow!”

Conal really showed his skills in the wet, holding first place for the remainder of the race. He finally let Mike Eady past to unlap himself, then sat behind him, using his tyre treads to clear the water for a safer, fast finish.

So…   By winning both races we have won the Series as well…   A very happy team enjoyed some well earned celebrations………..   :o)  :o)  :o)



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